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Bo Barra

Lil Ooze Earrings

Lil Ooze Earrings

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Coming straight to your heart from a barrel of toxic waste, it’s Lil Ooze!

Now you can mix and match your favourite Lil Goobers!  Each earring is sold individually or as a pair. 

Made to last, these earrings are handmade with solid sterling silver, vintage Japanese glass beads, and hand painted glass.


Length of sterling silver ear wire: 1.7 cm
Length of charm from top to bottom: 2.7 cm
Total length of earning: 4.4 cm 

Each earring is unique so a set will not be identical, but very close to it.




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They're Lil! They're Goobers!

They're cute, dainty, and fun!